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At the Law Office of Kelley C. Finan, our practice is focused exclusively on family law matters. We provide families and individuals with the compassionate, experienced legal guidance they need to obtain fair and just outcomes in their family law matters, so that they can move on to the next chapters of their lives with stability and security. We help families and individuals in Southern California who need legal representation in family law. Please navigate through those areas using the menu to the left. We take a cooperative approach when it comes to family law, and our strategy is to pursue cost-efficient, mutually beneficial strategies including collaboration and negotiation whenever possible, but will litigate to protect your rights whenever necessary. We not only help families in times of crisis, but we can also refer you to mental health coaches, financial planners, and other professionals who can help.

Mrs. Finan is the best lawyer you can get for family-law issues, hands down.  Her holistic view on the situation and matter of fact communication keeps you balanced even when you are facing the toughest of legal cases. Kelley is absolutely golden in an extremely contentious case such as mine, and her counsel both in and out of the courtroom saved me time, money, and most importantly helped to establish a more fair custody arrangement.

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